What does it mean when your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors shows up on your vehicle dash?


1.       Your tire needs air.

a.       Once the tire is refilled with air, the TPMS light will go out.

2.       There may be an issue with the sensor itself.


If the sensor stays on after you have properly re-inflated your tires, or it flashes, then that is an indication that there are issues with one or more of them.
Here are some of the causes:
1.       You recently had your tires rotated or repaired, and the technician didn’t perform the reset/relearn procedure.
2.       There could be an electrical or wiring issue causing a break in the connection to one or more of the sensors.
3.       Your battery is weak or has died, which will cause the sensor to stop functioning.
4.       There could be corrosion or damage on a sensor.
5.       Your sensor has reached its maximum usage age, which is usually over 7 years.  
At our locations in Greenville, SC and Piedmont, SC , our Robbins Tire Service technicians have the tools needed to assess these issues.  We can find out if each sensor is transmitting a signal, and verify that the reading the sensor is giving is correct.  If the sensor is over 7 years old, the battery in the unit is beginning to fail and lose power.  We can replace the sensor, and get it working as it should be.

Contact us today if you think it is time to replace your TPMS sensors.  We have the right tools to get the job done right.